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Weligama Beach Break

Sand Beach Break – Beginners

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Weligama, translated as sandy village, is a great place to learn to surf, about a two kilometre stretch of shallow sandy beach. One of the best places in south Sri Lanka to discover a connection with the ocean and catch your first wave. Get there for first light and surf till sunrise, it usually quiet until 8am so a good time to practice on uncontended waves.

The bay is protected somewhat from the wind, if the rest of the coast is blown it can be better here. 400m ride on a slow, low power wave. Many lefts and rights that appear at different tides the best swell from the south west. Easily be surfed when small, holds up to 5ft. A big swell on a beginners break is kook carnage with boards flying everywhere, very entertaining to watch. Expect learner drop-ins and to make some new buddies out the back.

More advanced surfers can find reef breaks close by in Mirissa just 3km south or Gurubebila just 3km north.

The town and the fisherman are all nearby, the beach can suffer mild pollution at times, and sand fly’s on the beach, take special care of any cuts after a period of heavy rain. Kabalana is 30min north in a Tuk Tuk and is a more exposed beach break with higher power, faster waves. It’s super clean and a great place for beginners working towards an intermediate level.

Weligama Surfcam

Stick No Bills vintage poster gallery in Galle and W15, Luxury boutique Hotel Weligama have organised the first streaming web cam on the south west coastline. Weligama Surf Cam

Weligama Surf Cam Sri Lanka

Local surf schools

2016 has seen an explosion of Weligama surf schools, now neatly organized under the trees at the right side of the bay. It’s a marketplace, take your pick. They have a wide range of foam, epoxy and fibre-glass boards. Rental is 300 to 450 LKR depending on the board, and lessons around 2-3000 LKR. No need to book easy to fix when you arrive.

The is so far one ISA qualified instructor we know about, Manju at Surfing Lanka, also the first surf school in the bay. Some of the other surf schools have competition level riders and have grown up on the local waves so also have great experience, you can ask around and find a teacher you feel comfortable with.

Weligama Surf School Sri Lanka (1)

Weligama Surf School Sri Lanka (1.1)

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Weligama Surf School Sri Lanka (3)

Weligama Surf School Sri Lanka

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Weligama Surf School Sri Lanka (14.9)

Weligama Surf School Sri Lanka (20)

Weligama Surf Video

Some great Go Pro Clips of Weligama Beach Break and Coconuts, Gurubebila. And a catchy tune with explicit lyrics. Creds to the production team, you know who you are, big love!

Surf South Sri Lanka 2014 from eugene francis jnr on Vimeo.

RIP the Catamaran, unfortunately scuppered in the end by beach planning laws, was a great hangout. Hang Time Cafe on the top floor, just over the road is a great improvement. Excellent vibe, great coffee, juices and food.


99 Weligama Hangouts Sri Lanka Surf

Rathgama, Overkanda Surf Point

Rathgama-Surf-PointRathgama, Overkanda Surf Point. Uncrowded, low power, left reef break between Hikkadua and Galle. Can be 5ft, 150m ride on a good day.

Meddawatta Beach Break, SK Town

Beaches-Surf-South-Sri-Lanka SK TownMeddawatta Beach, SK Town is a long beach break and caters for all level of surfers. From this one time secret sand break, with peeling left and rights holding up to 4ft. Sand beach entry and no reef or rocks.

Jungle Beach, Walliwala Weligama

Secret-BreaksJungle Beach, Walliwala Weligama. Main left hand break and right that works over 3ft. Both hold to 6ft and have very shallow reef in parts and a 500m paddle out but also 400m rides.

Hikkaduwa, Main Reef

Hikkadua Surf South Sri LankaHikkaduwa busy tourist area in south-west. Reef and beach breaks. North Jetty, Benny's, Main Reef, Beach Break, Rivermouth. Party nightlife. Get some hugs at Hug Inn, you deserve a holiday.

Plantation Point, Midigama

Plantation-Surf-Point-MidigPlantation Surf Point, Midigama is easy to get to from Gurubebila village on the left of the beachfront road.

Closenberg, Gallé Surf Break

Galle Surf South Sri LankaGallé Closenberg Surf Point nr Deweta Station. Beach break. Consistent small waves 2ft-4ft on sand, 100m ride. Potential pollution.

Unawatuna Diving, no Surf

Beaches-Surf-South-Sri-Lanka UnawatunaUnawatuna had a surf point before the artificial reef. Now its a base for Divers and late night parties. Great restaurants too.

Midigama, Lazy Left

Surfing People Lazy Lef Surf South Sri Lanka 2Lazy Left, Midigama. 2min walk from Midigama station. Slow, clean peeling left for intermediate surfers, 500m rides. Works at low tide best. Deep reef,  sand entry. 5 mins in a Tuk Tuk from Gurubebila.

Polhena Surf Point, Matara

Surfing-People-Lazy Left-Surf South Sri LankaPolhena Surf Point. Two kilometers from Matara is the fishing village of Polhena. Series of small beaches around fishing village. Fast left and right handers over a reef break can reach up to 5ft if it works. Watching cetaceans.

The Rock Surf Point, Kabalana

Kabalana-Red-Bull-Surfing-Competition Surf South Sri LankaKabalana, The Rock Surf Point. Classic A-frame reef break. Good power, left and rights with 300m ride. Sand beach break also. Stay with Sion Surf Camp, Lace Rock.  

Midigama, Ram's Right

Surfing-People---Rams-Right Surfing WonderlustMidigama, Ram's Right, Intermediate to advanced reef break that holds up to 5ft. Fast 350m ride that sometimes barrels. Shallow reef. RIP Ram, loved by all your legacy lives on.

Weligama Harbour, Fisherman' Reef

Weligama-Fisherman's-ReefWeligama, Fisherman's Reef. Fairly unknown, peeling right break that holds between 3 and 5ft, works well in a big swell. 800m paddle out from a beach entry point, shallow reef.

Ketature Beach, Surf Point

8-Ketature-Beach-Surf-Point-Sri-Lanka-Danagama-Left-1024x731Ketature Beach has a shallow reef break, mainly lefts that hold to 4-5ft. Only works on a big swell with up to 200m rides, not surfable at low tide. Intermediate surf break. Eat or stay KBH Restaurant & Rooms.

Hiriketiya Bay, Dikwella

Hiriketiya Beach (Horseshoe Bay), Dikwella Surf South Sri Lanka BoxHiriketiya Bay (Horseshoe Bay) is a 200m cove with a surf break that works all year. It is located near Dikwella, half way between Matara and Tangalle. Stay at Wetakeiya House, Dikwella.

Midigama, Gurubebila, Coconut Point

Anil-Benjo-CoconutsCoconut Point, Gurubebila reef break, clean and uncrowded, holds up to 6ft, medium fast powerful wave for rides up to 500m. Reef entry point. Opposite the 3 coconut palms and Lions Rest Hotel. Newly opened for 15-16

Talalla Beach, Tangalle

Beaches-Surf-South-Sri-Lanka TallaleTalalla Beach. Beautiful, sheltered crescent 2km wide cove, a kite boarders dream. Small local break and restaurant round the corner. Low power fun.

Dondera, Madiha Surf Point

Sunset-Postcard-Surf-South-Sri LankaDondra - Madiha Point Break. Reef, sand & rock break on the most southern point in Sri Lanka. Strong rips. Whale watching tours.

Mirissa Beach, Reef Break

Beaches-Surf-South-Sri-Lanka MirissaMirissa Surf Point. Beautiful crescent shaped, sandy beach surrounded bar hotels and bars. Right hand, peeling reef break, short fast rides. Intermediate-advanced. Reef entry point.

Rajith Surf Point, Ahangama

Ratith-Surf-Point-Anhagama-Sri-Lanka-3-1024x731Just south of the Ahangama fishing poles you can find Rajith Surf Point. Peeling classic A-frame holds up to 5ft with up to 350m rides. Intermediate reef break.

South Beach Surf Point

South-Beach-Surf-Point-Sri-Lanka-02-1024x576Just north of Kabalana there is an uncrowded beach, near South Beach Hotel. Sandy entry reef break, 300m paddle out with slow lefts and rights that hold to 4ft. A good longboard wave. Beginner to intermediate.

Weligama Beach Break

Weligama-Catamaran-Surf-South Sri LankaWeligama Beach Break, long sand bars producing many  left & rights  at varying tide times. Shallow beach entry, no reef or rocks, safe to learn.  Beach side surf schools & board hire. Best at sunrise.

Plantation Point, Gurubebila, Weligama

Beaches-Surf-South-Sri-Lanka MidigamaGurubebila a quiet local village between between Midigama Left and Weligama Bay. Lions Rest surf accommodation - sunset beer and cocktails.