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Kundalini Yoga Retreat.

August 30th – September 6th 2015

Please Contact Us for bookings


Yoga – Meditation – Pranayam
Ayurvedic Massage – Relaxation – Local Culture – Sri Lankan Cuisine



On one of Sri Lanka’s most idyllic beaches, two dedicated teachers will lead you on a journey of discovery and liberation. With expert guidance through physical practice, mantra and meditation, we will explore our limitations, push boundaries and clear inner space – tapping into the vast resources of our Kundalini energy and awakening to our true potential. Kundalini is the yoga of awareness- suitable for complete beginners and experienced yogis alike.



Lion’s Rest boutique hotel sits right on the beachfront in the sleepy
village of Gurubebila on Sri Lanka’s southern coast. Simply put, it’s a
little slice of Paradise. There will be plenty of time to relax poolside
or to soak up Sri Lanka’s breathtaking scenery. Lion’s Rest boasts
one of the area’s finest chefs, serving local and European cuisine.
There will also be a full bar and juice bar at your service.
Lion’s Rest surf/yoga hotel has been praised by Lonely Planet and
was recently awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence.



Our experienced Ayurvedic masseuse will be available for 30/60/90
minute sessions for the special discounted rates of £15/£25/£35.
Ayurvedic massage, using herbal oils, focuses on pressure points to
strengthen, relax and rejuvenate the body and to eliminate toxins.
It is a nurturing treatment – one part of the whole Ayurveydic
system of living.



AOIFE MC MAHON received a classical training from SKY, the renowned School of Kundalini Yoga. She holds regular classes in London and has taught internationally in UK, Ireland, Greece, India and SriLanka. She is also a Reiki Master. Aoife is dedicated to sharing the sacred technology of Kundalini Yoga to enlighten and empower every student.She believes that happiness is  your birthright. Yoga-lions-rest-retreat-teacher-sri-lanka
ANNIE DE SILVA has, in recent years, left her London home to return to her native Sri Lanka, where she has created a yoga centre in the capital, Colombo. Annie received her training in the beautiful surroundings of Ulpotha, Sri Lanka. Annie will be adding her unique light and energy to our retreat for five days. Annie-de-silva


From £925 – £1225 for shared accommodation.
From £1325 – £1525 for single occupancy room.

A 30% non-refundable deposit is payable on booking.
Full balance due August 16th.

8 nights accommodation. 7 days of yoga instruction.
2 local tours. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wifi.
Does not include flights.


During your free time should you wish to take surf lessons we can take you to Weligama Bay Beach Break which is a perfect beach to learn to learn with our qualified instuctor.

Day trips are possible to see the elephants in Udawalawe National Park, the historic Dutch fort at Galle or one of the many stunning tea-plantations.

If you wish to extend your stay for sight-seeing, Lion’s Rest are offering a special rate for retreat participants.






This is a Surf/Yoga retreat we hope to host in the future, please register your interest with the contact form..

Drop in Yoga between Midigama and Weligama is available at the Lion’s Rest Hotel, twice daily. Grab a fresh juice or coconut water after at the bar.

We would be interested to hear from you if you run yoga and healing retreats as there will be openings in the quieter seasonal months at the Lion’s Rest Hotel. You can combine Yoga and surf instruction for a spin on a mainland retreat.

Elemental Yoga experience in Sri Lanka (March 2014 tbc)

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. Kahlil Gibran

The Concept:  A retreat that combines the 5 elements of the natural world; earth, air, fire, water and ether.  

All of us live amongst nature to some degree, yet we take it for granted. We live in towns and cities and forget that the longing for ‘home’ is a soul cry for a reconnection with nature; the old rhythms that have been buried under concrete.

Few of us take the time to really study nature, yet if we care to follow the indigenous cultures, we may find that nature itself holds the key to the inner knowledge of our very own nature. Here we come into balance with our divinity and by connecting with nature, we feel how life runs through us, sustaining us and nurturing us, carving our path via the elemental mix.

Picture yourself in nature. Senses open, muscles open and the wind in your hair. The smell of incense in the air, the warmth of the sun, the foam of the surf, the call of seabirds, sand on your bare skin and the spark of creativity as you recognise yourself again.

Meet yourself. Find your peace as you face the ocean. Exceed your boundaries, grow your spirit. Commune with Mother Earth and enjoy a selection of elemental therapies that root you in the real world. The world of nature and enchantment.


Each day we explore one of the elements, discovering how we can draw upon the qualities of that element to expand our knowledge. The journey is personal and sacred. It is about discovering who you are. It is about chilling out and enjoying life. You will be guided to explore and express your truths via yoga, meditation, holistic therapies such as massage and reiki, surfing and eating…it is a week of new friendships, revelations and an end to the old ways. As with nature, every ending is followed by a new beginning. We practice going with the flow, the only way to live and to thrive.

The Retreat:

The Yoga:

The yoga will be a journey. Beginning with grounding and centering – finding your inner strength and power and learning to breath again! We will cultivate fire in our hearts and our souls as we open the body with deep vinyasas and pranayama. We will develop the fire and heat as the week goes on – finding our edge and exploring it with integrity and respect. There is no room for ego on the mat – just a hunger for life again and a strength and courage you never knew you possessed. We will let nature guide us as we explore the elements through our bodies and our hearts. Namaste.

Susie Bio:

Susie left the world of advertising and the bright lights of London in search of a different way to live her life. She was uninspired and found solice and peace on the yoga mat. Yoga became a medicine and a bigger and bigger part of her life as she studied techniques in London and was then drawn to India. She is inspired by many teachers and her yoga is an eclectic mix of Vinyasa, Hatha, Scaravelli, Iyengar and Ashtanga. So she finally jumped! She landed in Ibiza (where she now lives) and now runs retreats for those also looking for answers. Her passion lies in showing people the beauty of the nature she is surrounded with. Feeling the body moving and opening through meditations and deep vinyasa yoga. And Somatically experiencing and seeing the changes in people when they are really present and in the moment is her reward.

The Therapies:

  • Grounding therapies – bespoke – and drawing on the elements.
  • Reiki with traditional saging ceremony, bringing you to earth, awakening your imagination, diffusing your emotions and directing your fire in the direction of your dreams. Reiki is the transfer of heart energy, of life-force. The treatments are non-invasive and draw upon the eastern knowledge of energy work – we have electro magnetic bodies (auras) that hold all our information, when the energy is flowing freely, our information becomes clear.
  • Holistic Massage; a bespoke treatment that sends you to the elemental kingdom! The massage invokes the element of fire to warm your muscles, the element of earth to ground you into your body and out of your head, water (oil) to enhance the flow, space to dream and air to carry the sensual fragrance of incense as you drift off to sleep.
  • Spiritual Guidance and Emotional Exploration, helping you to unlock the blocks that keep you from finding your peace. The practice of self-awareness.
  • Meditation: daily insight into how we can use the elements to enhance our daily life, bringing clarity, peace and wisdom to our day. Stilling the mind helps to focus on the present moment, which is key to surfing and any pursuit that requires this discipline.

Faye Bio

Faye has studied esoterics, ancient wisdom and healing for many years and knew that mysteries and dreams were worth following. Faye was blessed and honoured to have worked with incredible shamans in South America and indigenous peoples from the Great Lakes in Canada who taught her about heart medicine and opened her mind to new dimensions. She does very special energy work, helping people to connect with their inner truth. Faye loves people, giving treatments, creativity, cooking, writing stories, star-gazing on Ibiza rooftops (where she lives) and dancing. However her biggest passion is raw nature. Faye gives gentle meditation, reiki and holistic massage that are developed from her humble understanding of the natural world.


DAY 1: Check in from 4pm



DAY 2: EARTH – stability

07.30 Sacred Sunrise Meditation

08.00 Yoga – Grounding / Mula Bandha / Abdominal breathing / building a strong foundation.

10.00 Post yoga juice

11.00 Nutritious Brunch – Grounding/soothing

12.00 – FREE TIME – Massage and Reiki – personalised treatments

⁃   Bed-time Crystals for each person on their pillow


DAY 3: WATER – emotions

07.30 Sacred Sunrise Meditation – water (and the story of the water crystals)

08.00 Yoga – moving through water – 88% water bodies! Peaceful and still flowing.  Developing the Vinyasa

10.00 Post yoga juice


11.00 Nutritious brunch – light diet

12.00  – FREE TIME – Massage and Reiki – personalised treatments

16.00 – Afternoon workshop – Surf time or surf lesson You v’s mother nature! Developing passion, commitment, patience (qualities for life)


DAY 4: FIRE – desire

07.30 Sacred Sunrise Meditation and smudging

08.00 Yoga – Breath of fire to begin – dynamic heat-creation practice – looking within. Finding inner power and confidence. Touching the edge. With respect and integrity

10.00 Post yoga juice

11.00 Nutritious Brunch – Spicy and hot!

12.00 – FREE TIME – Sun worship!

20.00 Evening fire ceremony with meditation and calling in of elements – letting go


DAY 5:  AIR – thought

07.30 Sacred Sunrise Meditation – third eye and connecting to your creativity

08.00 Yoga  – transitions / jumps / inversions – lightness in the practice

10.00 Post yoga juice

11.00 Nutritious Brunch

12.00 – FREE TIME – Massage and Reiki – personalised treatments

17.00 – Afternoon workshop – Intro into reiki


DAY 6:  ETHER (Space) – Spirit

07.30 Sacred Sunrise Meditation

08.00 Yoga – Flow all together – focus on creation of space in the body and the mind

10.00 Post yoga juice

11.00 Nutritious Brunch

12.00 Free time – suggest self reflection / silence

21.00 Evening workshop – Star gazing – contemplation of the universe



07.30 Sacred Sunrise Meditation – all chakras

08.00 Yoga Flow

10.00 Post yoga juice

11.00 Nutritious Brunch

12.00 Excursion! (boat trip?)

20.00 BQQ last night farewell fiesta!



07.30 Sacred Sunrise Meditation – bringing what you have learnt into YOUR life.

08.00 Yoga Self-practice share – what we have learnt

10.00 Post yoga juice

11.00 Brunch and goodbyes!

Ayurvedic Health

Auvedic Tearments-Photo-Credit-Sri-Lanka-Tourist-BoardAyurvedic Treatments. This accent and holistic and herbal healing practice has some simple treatments and massage to help you unwind and find your zone state.


Yoga Surfing Sri LankaYoga Classes are available with the resident teachers at Lion's Rest Hotel, Gurubebila. A perfect balance to with surfing training core strength and flexibility.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Unawatuna Perl Divers Surf South Sri Lanka  (2)Scuba Diving is available from Weligama, Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa. Please contact us for more info.

Go Banannas

Bananas-Surf-South-Sri-LankBananas are a rich source of vitamin B6, Tryptophan and potassium. Perfect snack.

Cooking Lessons

Sri-Lankan-Food-Cooking Lessons - Surf South Sri LankaPrivate Sri Lankan cookery with local village guest houses can be arranged. Everyone is always keen to share their unique recipe.

Galle Fort

Galle-Fort-Photo-Credit-Sri Lanka Tourist BoardGalle Fort is a Sri Lanka UNESCO World Heritage Site. A maze of narrow streets and period buildings, restaurants and boutiques. Perfect day trip or stay in a beautiful colonial house.

Private Tours

Tours-Sri-Lanka-Rent-DriverTailor your own freestyle tour  of the heritage sites and countryside of Sri Lanka with one of our drivers in an air-conditioned, people carrier. Airport transfers also.

Fireworks Factory

NYE-Fireworks-Factory-Surf-Not an official tour but a trip can be arranged to buy fireworks for after a BBQ. Everyone chips in and the display is on the free land in Gurubebila. NYE 2013 was Epic!

Local Bread Van

Village Bread Van Surf South Sri Lanka Every village has a local bread van also selling tasty snacks. Each van has a special tune on repeat, like an ice cream van. In Gurubebila, Santa Clause is coming to town all year round.

Night Fishing

Seasonal Lobster Fishing 1 Surf South Sri LankaGuided night time local reef trip to catch lobster and edible reef fish. Not for the fainthearted but an amazing experience.

Tea Plantation

Tea-Plantation-Photo-Credit-Sri-Lanka Tourist BoardPlenty of local tea plantations to tour, take in the green rolling hills, aromatic smells of the plantation, wind down and relax and with a cup of Ceylon tea.

Visit a Temple

Visit-a-Temple-Night Surf-South Sri LankaBuddhism is the majority religion in the south, visit a temple day and night. There are many temple festivals and full moon poya days.

Jeep Safari Yala

Safari-Lepoard-Surf-South-Sri-Lanka Jeep - Treehouse Yala Safari Tour in Yala National Safari Park. Explore sunset and sunrise with leopards, elephants, crocodiles, water buffalo, and all manner of birds and other animals. Local guide, Private chef, treehouse overnight experience.

Fish Pedicure

Fish-Pedicure-Surf-South-SrAs part of the Kogala lake tour for a few rupees you can indulge in a fish spa pedicure. Its a bit odd but quite fun.


Kite-BoardBeaches-Surf-South-Sri-Lanka Midigama-Kite boarding is a small but growing sport in the region. 2km crescent beaches with consistent winds. Bring your own kit for now but watch this space.

Rent a Scooter

Bike-Sri-LankaIf you have never rented a scooter please don't do this. We have a couple for rent if you are sure, surfboards on bike racks are now illegal and the roads are mental.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching Surf South Sri LankaWhale Watching trips leave early from Mirissa Harbor for 4hrs including brunch. You may see any of the 5 types of whale and 4 types of dolphin.

Sunset Catamaran

Boats Sunset Catamaran 2 Surf-South-Sri-Lanka WelligamaSunset Catamaran tours can be arranged, departing around 4pm from Mirissa Harbour. 5,000 LKR per head or privately for 60,000 LKR.

Local Stilt Fishing

Stilt-Fishing-Locals-Sri-LankaBefriend and challenge a local fisherman to one-on-one-off Stilt Fishing. All friendly in Gurubebila. Beware carbon rods in thunderstorms.

Sport Fishing

Fishing Deep Sea Unawatuna Surf South Sri LankaDeep sea, line and rod fishing trips can be arranged, so far from Unawatuna in pairs and if you are "gona need a bigga boat" Mirissa with groups of 6. Please contact us for more more info.

Epic Sunset Beaches

Sunset-Surf-South-Sri-Lanka CoconutsWhy not grab a beer and watch the sun go down in Gurubebeila, perhaps on the Sunset Terrace at Lion's Rest Hotel. There are some other good spots on the coastline listed here.

Stilt Fisherman

Stilt Fisherman Surf South Sri Lanka iMany make a living from tourism pictures however there are some that still fish in the traditional ways. See them at sunrise in Gurubebila.

Mountain Biking

Mountain-Biking-Sri-Lanka-Tourist-Board-Photo Mountain Biking, mostly group touring. The bike shop in Weligama sells cheap Chinese MTBs, bigger shops in Matara and Galle have more range. Galle has regular organised tours including MTBs.

Go Surfing

x Your-wave-is-coming-Surf-South Sri LankaThe best surf times are with the high tide at sunrise and sunset. Surfboard hire, lessons and transport available.

Catamaran Fishing

Local Catamaran Fishing Surf South Sri LankaLocal Catamaran Fishing is a super trip. Go line fishing with the pros,  16000 LKR for the boat and crew, up to 6 guests. Catch some calamari bait then some big fish or take the boat to the secret breaks.

Xmas & Boxing Day

NYE Christmas-2-Surf-South-Sri-Lanka2014 Lions Rest Hotel will most likely host a traditional roast, more tbc. Last year we all bought birthday hats at Surfing Life as we couldn't find crackers, was a big group table. Lovely stuff.

New Years Eve 15

NYE with Surfing-Life-Gurubebila-Surf South Sri LankaDetails tbc 31/12/15. Check out Lion's Rest, Surfing Life, Lucky Guest House and KBH for dinners and drinks. Meet on the land for midnight fireworks and then off to the dance bars in Mirissa or Unawatuna. This was NYE 2014..

Surf Lessons

Surf-Etiquete-Beginners-Sri LankaBook Surf Lessons on Weligama beach break. Safe to learn, daily lessons with Lions Rest Hotel. Lesson#1 Avoid dropping in on your fellow surfers.

Feed a Cow

Village Cows Gurubebila-Surf South Sri Lanka Gurubebila free land is used for grazing cows by local farmers. They are particularly friendly especially for roadside sweetcorn, water melon skin and coconut.

The Backcountry

Backcountry-Sri-LankaDiscover the back country. There are plenty of tours by Tuk Tuk to local villages inland. You don't have to go far to find yourself unspoilt rural Sri Lanka and get a taste of village life.