Lucky Guest House, Gurubebila, Family Suite

Weligama, open all year. New for December 2018 and taking booking from Jan 2019.

Lucky Guest House

Lucky is a well known figure in the village of Gurubebila, long time surfer, fisherman and storyteller. very passionate about the place in which he grew up his knowledge on the local area is 2nd to none.

Read more about Lucky’s story in Emirates Airlines In-flight Magazine (November 2018)  “Lucky Pathiniya Durage remembers the exact moment he first saw someone surfing. He was nine years old, and he was with his aunty going to the vegetable market in the tiny fishing village of Midigama, on the south-west curve of the teardrop-shaped island nation of Sri Lanka” BOOK Surf Lessons with Lucky

This season he has completed a renovation of his family home which he and his wife and 2 children have lived since it was rebuilt after the tsunami 11 years ago.
There are sea views from the roof of Lucky’s place and it’s only a stone’s throw from Midigama’s Coconut Point.

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