Daily Yoga with Rachel at Lion’s Rest Hotel

Yoga is without doubt complementary to a day’s surfing. On a basic physical level is great to stretch out. Yoga improves balance, flexibility, core strength and deepens breathing. The connection you will get by being in the ocean combined with yoga practice can really help you regain your center.

Open to guests and non guests twice daily Yoga classes are available at Lion’s Rest cost $10 USD per class, 3 or 6 passes passes can be purchased at a discount.

Whether you want to start your day with an energising yoga practice or soothe those aching muscles after a day in the surf, you’ll be taken care of. A mixed schedule of Slow Flow, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga are taught on the shaded sunset deck overlooking Coconuts surf break at 8.30am and 5.30pm. There is also special classes for kids on request, as so many of our smaller guests have shown such enthusiasm for yoga in past seasons.

Our teacher, Rachel, came to yoga to solve back issues after years of competitive swimming so she is well attuned to the anatomical needs of students. Beginners and experienced yogis will be nurtured and challenged and all are welcome. Tone, stretch, breathe and relax. Each class will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. Rachel will guide you through postures and adjustments, with added pranayam breath control to enhance mindfulness.

One-To-One classes can be tailored to suit whatever you may need or to further explore your practice. Please just ask.

The Yoga schedule changed weekly to keep things fresh, so to find out more or sign up to a class in advance, email: rachel @ lions-rest.com

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Past Surf – Yoga Vibes

The relationship between yoga and surfing goes beyond the union of strength, balance and breath control that can be found in this land based practice and it’s wetter ocean cousin.

Yoga can help surfers become more accomplished in their practice, working on their focus and flexibility to help them surf with more grace and awareness. Yoga also gives surfers the tools to help prevent themselves from injuries and a way to stretch out tired muscles at the end of a day’s session.

As a passionate surfers Lions’ Rest yoga teaching has a special consciousness around it connected to the surf side environment that she loves to teach in. Her classes are perfect for surfers and non surfers alike and she aspires to create a vibe of equanimity in all her classes, with everyone from the super stiff surfing first timers to experienced yoga practitioners who prefer the beachside view.

Emma Wall Yoga Class Sri Lanka Surf

Teaching style is based around the vinyasa practice, which incorporates elements of interval training for strength and endurance building, creative flow for fluidity and fun –just like you’d find when surfing a wave, and Yin and restorative yoga for repairing and soothing tired or injured bodies (of which there’s quite a few when the waves are pumping).

‘I definitely believe in making people smile throughout their yoga practice and to encourage them to find their own personal expression of themselves with their bodies. We’re all built differently and are graced with different capabilities, and this is one of the beautiful things about yoga; that we can all find our own unique flow.

Saying this alignment and the promotion of self awareness are two elements which are really important to my classes. You come to the yoga mat to strengthen and heal your body not to injure yourself. So safety in class is paramount. Hopefully every class will be a mini journey for you of stretching, sweating and smiling your way into self discovery, all topped off with some calming deep tissue working restorative poses to let you leave the class feeling light, revitalised and happy’.